Commercial Law

Cygnus Law provides businesses with pragmatic advice and support on a wide range of commercial matters, including preparing & reviewing commercial contracts, advising on legal compliance and advising on corporate structuring & shareholder agreements.  Cygnus Law can help you to understand the law’s impact on your business and how the law can be used to achieve commercial solutions. 

Commercial Contracts

Pragmatic advice and assistance in relation to preparing, reviewing and negotiating a wide range of commercial agreements that matter to your business, including supply agreements, distribution agreements, terms of trade and confidentiality agreements.

Shareholder Agreements

Help to create clarity and certainty for shareholders by preparing shareholder agreements that cover things like restrictions on share transfers, rights to appoint directors, powers reserved to shareholders and when & how a shareholder exits.  In each case the agreement can be adapted to reflect relevant factors, including the the role of shareholders within the business, the nature of the business (including whether it’s a start-up or a long term business) and funding requirements.

Corporate Structuring, Formation & Governance

Cygnus Law provides advice and assistance in relation to structuring (including for companies and limited partnerships), corporate formation, share classes, governance (including directors’ duties), risk management and financial reporting obligations.  Cygnus Law can assist you to identify appropriate structures to meet your goals, including in collaboration with your tax adviser.

Buying and Selling Businesses

Cygnus Law can assist you to buy or sell businesses, including by carrying out legal due diligence, preparing and assisting with negotiation of sale & purchase agreements and other documents, and assistance with completing transactions.

Electronic Commerce

Help to navigate on-line commerce, including advice and assistance in relation to contracting on-line, copyright, restrictions on unsolicited messages, and privacy law.

Consumer Law

Cygnus Law advises on consumer law relevant to your business, including the Consumer Guarantees Act, Fair Trading Act & Privacy Act.   That includes advising on “unfair contract term” requirements that relate to your consumer contracts.  Cygnus Law can help you to understand your obligations and to manage the risks that arise.

Advertising & Marketing

Advice to contribute to ensuring that your advertising and marketing activities are appropriate and compliant, including reviewing promotional material to help to ensure that your messages are effective and compliant.

Personal Property Securities Act

Cygnus Law can help you to ensure that your contracts protect your interests in goods (and other property) you sell & lease, and that you register your interests properly on the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR).  This is important for any business that sells, leases or otherwise parts with possession of personal property while retaining ownership of that property.